An individual, infrared hand vein scan will unlock the doors only for our Founders Club members, who will be allowed in with a maximum of eight special guests. Once inside, the room will reveal itself in layers: smooth, rounded walls encircled by the barrels of our Phase V wine; elegantly lit alcoves featuring sculptured works of art; and in the middle of it all, an exotic, fully-enclosed 24’ tall glass room that we affectionately call our “Cellarium”. Kept at 72° F, our Cellarium will allow you and your chosen guests to enjoy the atmosphere of a wine cave without experiencing the chill of the cool temperatures needed to properly age our wines. Sophisticated leather seating and a custom-made, round table created from exotic Monkeypod wood from the Big Island of Hawaii will welcome you as you are seated… and then the total immersion of the Phase V experience will truly begin as you are guided through a tasting of our limited production wines, hand-crafted for us by the world-renowned Philippe Melka.